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Hilary Koprowski Files Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Vaccine researcher Hilary Koprowski, 93, filed a discrimination lawsuit against his employer Thomas Jefferson University, claiming the institution violated the Americans With Disabilities Act. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Koprowski asserted that Jefferson disregarded his age-related needs when the university decided to cut down his office space to less than a third of the original size.

A Philadelphia employment lawyer can see how tension developed between the two sides as underlying issues of money and progress also arose in the dispute over space. After working at Jefferson since 1992, Hilary Koprowski accepted a one-year employment contract and final renewal with the school this past June. His work centers on genetically engineering plants to carry vaccines, which has been financed through grants until this year because the money wasn't enough to cover the costs of the Koprowski's labs and support staff.

The university had originally wanted to release Hilary Koprowski's staff members but changed their mind when the he stressed that he needed his team to help him and compensate for his age-related hearing and mobility difficulties. After yielding to his wishes, Jefferson still wanted Hilary Koprowski to relinquish his lab so that they could make room for a new Center for Computational Medicine. The 93-year-old firmly stated the smaller office was not sufficient enough to accommodate his staff and collection of scientific publications.

Unless both sides can come to an agreement, U.S. District Judge Berle Schiller will rule over the case next week. To learn more about your rights and the laws behind age discrimination, contact an experienced Philadelphia employment lawyer or browse through the Related Resources links.

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