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How To Handle Wrongful Termination In Philadelphia

Wrongful termination involves an employer who has laid off or fired an employee for unlawful reasons. Workers in Philadelphia have the right to bring a claim for wrongful termination against an employer if they believe they were illegally laid off or fired. Philly employees may be entitled to legal remedies such as money damages or negotiations for a proper severance package.

Unlawful reasons for an employer to fire an employee include:

  • Terminating someone as a form sexual harassment;
  • Violating federal and state anti-discrimination laws;
  • Violating labor laws;
  • Violating oral and written employment agreements; and
  • Using termination to get back at an employee who has filed a complaint or claim against the employer.

These violations can result in an employer's payment for damages or involve legal penalties. A Philadelphia employment attorney can evaluate an employee's claim and counsel him or her on how to proceed with wrongful termination.

A lawyer may also suggest some tips that workers should keep in mind after being fired, such as:

  • Asking about the reasons for termination;
  • Figuring out who decided to fire you;
  • Rereading and understanding the conditions of your employment contract;
  • Not acting negatively against your employer; and
  • Confirming all agreements concerning your termination and severance in writing.

If an employment contract requires a severance package, then the employer must give severance to the employee. Not all employers are required to offer them. Get legal advice from an experienced Philadelphia employment attorney who can determine what type of legal remedy is available for your case. For general information on job loss, visit the Related Resources links.

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