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Woman Files Sex Discrimination Complaint Against Carl Greene

A 26-year-old engineer filed a complaint alleging sex discrimination against former Philadelphia Housing Authority Executive Director Carl. R. Greene. The woman, who has asked to not be identified, is one out of five women who have filed a claim with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission against Carl Greene. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported this issue resulted in Greene's termination by the PHA board, which he only found out through the media.

The woman who filed the claim started working at PHA in 2006 and said she received a quick promotion and raise after working closely with Carl Greene. When he discovered she was dating another employee who later became her husband, the engineer was transferred in 2008 from an office position to running a maintenance program that required long hours and weekends. She believed the move was punishment "for dating someone who worked [at PHA]."

The PHA board fired Carl Greene once he was found to be a "serial sexual harasser" after an investigation led by Chairman John F. Street. However, Carl Greene's PA employment attorney Clifford E. Haines said the termination was a blatant breach of his client's employment contract, violating his right to due process.

Haines said that the PHA didn't follow any customary grievance process and that no formal procedure exists to appeal the Board's action. Although Haines insists lawmakers intervene and "rectify this wrong," the PHA Board said they were only forced to act because Philadelphia Mayor Nutter "wasn't willing to step up." The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is currently auditing PHA.

Sex discrimination and wrongful termination are two issues an employee can face in the work field. To understand your rights and how to proceed if you have a valid claim for an employment case such as these, contact a PA employment attorney or browse the Related Resources links for more information.

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