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Workers' Compensation Insurance in Philadelphia

Philadelphia workers are entitled to benefits when injured on the job, despite whether an employer's negligence caused their injuries. These benefits are generally referred to as workers' compensation insurance, or "workers comp," which focuses on providing aid for injured employees without solely concentrating on who to blame for the injury.

FindLaw describes workers comp as a state-mandated program that entails payments required by law to workers who have been injured or disabled in a work-related incident.  Not only does the federal government offer workers comp to federal employees, but states like PA have their own workers' compensation program.

Workers' compensation is a no fault system. Not every injury on the job will automatically call for full workers comp, but a PA employment lawyer can evaluate your situation if you've suffered an injury at work and make sure your interests are protected. Pennsylvania offers three types of benefits for injured employees:

  • Workers comp that covers all medical expenses, which typically doesn't have a monetary limit;
  • Wage loss benefits, to compensate for the time period the employee is unable to work; and
  • Specific loss benefits, which are available for particular cases that may involve loss of function or of a body part and disfigurement.

An injured Philly worker may agree to settle for a lump sum rather than receive benefits gradually under PA State law. Discuss your payment options with a PA employment lawyer to decide on what type of payment is in your best interest, since accepting a lump sum will waive your rights to receiving future benefits connected to the injury. Visit the Related Resources for more information on workers comp.

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