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Walmart Lawsuit Could Become A Class Action

The Supreme Court will be hearing two major appeals on Monday that seek to prevent mass lawsuits from reaching trial, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. One case involves an environmental lawsuit that claims coal-fired power plants are responsible for bringing about global warming.

The other Walmart lawsuit, which we will be discussing, involves claims of employment discrimination against Walmart Stores Inc. The lawsuit alleges that 1.5 million women who worked at Walmart during the last ten years were consistently paid less than their male counterparts and denied any promotional opportunities. The case, which was filed in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco, also has a possibility of being regarded as a class-action lawsuit.

The attorneys who sued Walmart claimed the company has corporate culture that sets aside many management positions for only men. The company argued that each its 3,400 stores has a variety of managers who have a different way of making hiring and promotions decisions. Walmart insisted that the employees in all their stores did not have enough in common for the case to count as a class-action.

Rather than rule on whether the company is guilty of sex bias, the justices will decide on whether Walmart will have to defend itself against one solitary lawsuit since the case relates to more than a million of its workers. The case is a compelling one for many PA employment lawyers, since most businesses are compelled to offer a settlement in a class-action suit than face a jury verdict that could potentially hurt them.

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