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Woman Claims Lenny Dykstra Stripped During Job Interview

As some Philadelphia residents may have heard, former New York Mets star Lenny Dykstra, 49, has faced a couple of controversial lawsuits during his time away from the field, including allegations that he bounced a $1,000 check to a female escort in December.

The Philadelphia Daily News reported Dykstra's former housekeeper also accused of him of sexual assault in January, claiming he forced her to perform oral sexual favors every week. The housekeeper said she initially followed his requests because she "needed the job and the money," although she ended up leaving the job.

After attempting to look for another housekeeper, Dykstra may now also face a potential lawsuit from a prospective hire.

A woman who answered Dykstra’s ad on Craigslist for a housekeeping job alleged that he told her she would need to be competent in cleaning and massaging when she arrived at his house for a job interview. He then supposedly asked for a sample of her massage work, saying it was part of the interview process, and stripped naked before her.

Mauro Fiore, the woman’s lawyer, claimed Lenny Dykstra told his client that “he had a lot of injuries from being an athlete and needed her to massage him as part of the job,” according to the New York Daily News. At that point, the woman immediately ran out Dykstra’s house and was left “really traumatized.”

Dykstra, however, denied the allegations held against him regarding the interview. Even so, Fiore said his client plans to file a lawsuit against the former baseball player.

If you feel your rights were violated during an job interview, consider seeking legal counsel from an attorney who can evaluate and determine the legal remedies that may be available in your case.

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