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Jonesy Fired in Wake of Lawsuit

Tarsha Jones called herself the most controversial diva in radio with her morning show “Jonesy in the Morning,” reports the Philadelphia Daily News. And because of this boast, she was a hit with listeners who liked to listen to her oftentimes outlandish on-air statements.

But Jonesy took things too far with her comments about Tracey Parson and her business Kiddie Kare daycare. In the wake of Parson’s defamation lawsuit against Jones, Power 99 made the difficult decision — and Jonesy was fired from the radio station.

Bernie Fine Fired from Syracuse, Lesson Learned from Penn State

Upstate New York is dealing with its own child sexual abuse scandal. Bernie Fine, the assistant coach under legendary Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, is accused of sexually molesting several boys. Before the criminal investigation was done, Syracuse University decided to terminate the long-time assistant.

Does the story sound familiar? It should, as it's almost identical to what happened in Happy Valley.

Black Friday Safety for Employees

Many of you may think of Black Friday as a time to camp out in front of your favorite stores to get the best deals. While the focus of Black Friday safety has focused largely on customer safety and mobs rushing into stores, one should not forget about the employees who have to deal with the crowds.

After all, in 2008, it was a Walmart employee — and not a customer — who was killed by a stampeding mob. So, employers should pay attention to Black Friday safety guidance not only to keep customers safe, but also to keep their own employees safe.

Franco Harris Fired for Supporting JoePa

Franco Harris was fired from The Meadows Racetrack and Casino. Be careful what you say at work (especially when it comes to the Penn State sex scandal), because it could get you fired too.

It wasn't too difficult to see that Joe Paterno or university president Graham Spanier would lose their jobs over the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal, but why would the Hall of Fame running back from the 1970s also lose his job?

In Pennsylvania, Harris is a legend. The former Penn State running back, Pittsburgh Steelers running back, and recipient of the famed Immaculate Reception in the 1972 playoffs, was often sought as a good public relations man.

Mike McQueary a Whistleblower?

Mike McQueary may be considered many things, but is Mike McQueary, whistleblower, one of them?

You probably have heard that Joe Paterno was fired for his role, or lack of a role, in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal. However, McQueary, the graduate assistant who had eyewitnessed some of the abuse, also took a lot of heat for having the opportunity to stop an ongoing rape, and instead allegedly doing nothing. Now people are calling for McQueary’s head as well.

But unlike with JoePa, Penn State could run into legal troubles if it tries to fire McQueary.

Amtrak Lawsuit Nets Employee $171,000

Amtrak agreed to settle a federal discrimination lawsuit. The Amtrak lawsuit will net Sheila Davidson $171,000.

In her discrimination complaint, Davidson, a human resources regional director in Philadelphia, says that she had more work, but was paid less than her male counterparts, reports the Associated Press.

Joe Paterno Fired! Board Says No to Retirement

Joe Paterno fired. For over 40 years, Paterno ran Penn State University. There might have been individuals with nominally greater titles than head football coach, but there's no mistaking who had the real clout in Happy Valley.

And so yesterday, Paterno exercised his powers and determined that he was leaving on his own terms, coaching out the year and then peacefully retiring. But the Board of Trustees said enough was enough.

Fire Joe Paterno? Jerry Sandusky Scandal Gets JoePa

Long-time Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sanduky was hit with 40 criminal counts of sexual abuse of a minor. Yet one more unfortunate victim of the Jerry Sandusky scandal appears to be Joe Paterno, as he announced that he is retiring at the end of the year.

As the scandal widened, questions were raised as to how the 84-year-old coach could have allowed the sex abuse to happen under his watch. Now, those who may have wanted to fire Joe Paterno long ago due to his age may have finally received their wish.

Enforcing My Rights as an Employee

You may be thinking what are my rights as an employee? In fact, you may be surprised at just how many rights you do have. For example, you may have rights to a safe work environment, privacy, not to be discriminated against, minimum wage and timely payments, and to take time off for illness.

So what happens when your employer denies these rights? What happens if you are not paid on time or if you are fired for taking time off due to a serious disability?

The following are some things to consider when enforcing your rights.

Camden Coffee Shop Settles $75,000 Sex Harassment Suit

City Coffee owner Ronald Ford Jr. agreed to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit for $75,000, $60,000 of which may be forgiven. The owner of the Camden coffee shop allegedly sexually harassed several female employees. Per the terms of the settlement, Ford did not admit any wrongdoing.

The complaint alleges that a hostile work environment prevailed at City Coffee where Ford subjected six female employees to lewd comments, unwanted touching, invitations to pose for photographs in revealing clothing or nude, and repeated requests for sexual favors, reports the Gloucester County Times.

6 Steps to Get a U.S. Visa

We wrote before that many area employers have hired foreign workers to perform jobs like Jersey Shore lifeguard and chocolate factory worker.

However, if you are not from this country, getting a job in the United States isn't as easy as simply interviewing for a job and getting hired. Instead, you have to take steps to get a U.S. visa to ensure that you can legally remain in the country and work.