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KYW Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

The news radio station of Philadelphia, KYW Newsradio 1060, finds itself in the news as opposed to reporting the news.

In the KYW sexual harassment lawsuit, Shelley Kanther says that the radio station operated a frat-house-like environment that subjected the married women to "severe and pervasive" harassment, reports the Philadelphia Daily News. Furthermore, she says that after she spoke up about the harassment, she was fired.

Top 4 Stupid Employers from 2011

The year is almost over and it’s been an exciting time for Philadelphia employment news from unlikely sources. For example, Jerry Sandusky’s alleged sex abuse shook down Penn State University, bringing down the highest officials and most venerated coach. Additionally, government officials continued acting like they were in a frat house, leading to sexual harassment lawsuits and head-scratching behavior by supposed community leaders.

Networking Tips for Getting a New Job

As the New Year is quickly approaching, you may be writing down your goals for 2012. For many of you, it may involve getting a new job or changing jobs. Either way, one of the key steps in finding employment is networking.

Without a network of people, it is much more difficult to learn about opportunities and make you stand out among the throng of applicants, writes The Washington Post. So learning networking tips is an invaluable first step.

Monta Ellis Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, 76ers Beware?

Rumors have swirled around an Monta Ellis for Andre Iguodala trade during what seems like the better part of the past two years. From a fit standpoint, both the Philadelphia 76ers and the Golden State Warriors seem to gain.

However, from a character standpoint, it would make no sense to trade a professional like Iguodala for someone like Ellis. And that was before news broke out of the Monta Ellis sexual harassment lawsuit.

Philly Council Member Blackwell Accused of Discrimination

Former aide Tyeisha Boulware claims that Philadelphia City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell terminated her because of her religion.

Boulware is a practicing Jehovah’s Witness and says that she had several disagreements with the councilwoman regarding her religious beliefs. When the two could not see eye to eye on several issues, including wearing a Christmas shirt to a party, Boulware claims that Blackwell fired her, reports Courthouse News Service.

Top 4 Considerations in Negotiating a Job Offer

As the Pennsylvania unemployment rate slowly gets better, you may find yourself in a position where you have several job offers. But before you say "I accept," you may want to make sure the job is right for you by negotiating the job offer.

Some things you may want to negotiate include your salary, title, benefits, vacation pay, and severance. Even if you don't get all the things you request, agreeing on the terms of the job offer beforehand will help avoid confusion and frustration later on.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination at Chestnut Hill College?

After firing an openly gay priest, the Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia has updated its employment policies to ban sexual orientation discrimination. The change in policies matches Philadelphia sexual orientation discrimination law.

The small Catholic college discovered that an adjunct teacher, Jim St. George, was involved in a long-term relationship with another man, reports Life Site News. As a result, the college terminated St. George saying that while it respected his life choices, all members of the college were expected to abide by the Roman Catholic mission which does not include same sex relationships.

Jerry Sandusky Pension Will Be Collected at Taxpayer's Expense

Jerry Sandusky’s pension should be on your mind if you’re a Pennsylvania resident. For the rest of his life, the 67-year-old Sandusky will collect $58,898 a year in state pension at the taxpayer’s expense. He will collect this amount regardless of whether he is found guilty or not guilty of molesting several children per the charges currently against him, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

As a former state employee at Penn State University, Sandusky qualifies for the state’s pension program.

Man Schemes Mom Fake Death to Get Time Off Work

You have to credit Scott Bennett with ingenuity. The man wanted time off work so bad that he schemed his mom’s fake death to get paid bereavement leave.

The 45-year-old Bennett submitted an obituary to The Jeffersonian Democrat newspaper regarding the death of his own mother, reports the Associated Press. It wasn’t clear where Bennett worked, but the man hoped that proof of his mom’s death would convince his employer to give him some time of work.

Jerry Sandusky Denied Job At Juniata College

Last year, Jerry Sandusky applied for a coaching job at Juniata College. However, after receiving Sandusky’s application, the central Pennsylvania college ran an employment background check and notified its staff that Sandusky was to have nothing to do with the team.

According to the college, the background investigation did not reveal details of what Sandusky was accused of, the fact that there was an ongoing grand jury investigation, or other details, reports the Associated Press. Instead, the background check simply revealed that a high school where Sandusky had previously volunteered was also investigating the man.

Latrobe Employees Fired for Porn Not Age

In the Latrobe Specialty Steel discrimination case, a Philadelphia federal court found that four employees were fired for viewing porn at work, and not because of their age as the employees claimed.

The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Philadelphia, upheld the lower court’s determination in the company’s favor, reports Business Insurance. The court agreed that Latrobe’s termination decision was based on legal grounds of violating company policies and not for the illegal grounds of age discrimination.

Arlene Ackerman Files for Unemployment After $1M Settlement

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter is outraged over the Arlene Ackerman unemployment benefits.

Ackerman, the former Philadelphia school district superintendent, negotiated nearly a $1 million settlement when she lost her job, reports ABC. But apparently that was not enough, and the former superintendent also put in a claim for unemployment benefits and will now also receive $573 a week.

Imperial Security Pays for Muslim Discrimination

Imperial Security reached a settlement agreement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to pay $50,000 for alleged Muslim discrimination.

In the lawsuit, a Muslim woman, Julie Holloway-Russell, claims that she was fired for wearing a khimar to work, announced the EEOC. A khimar is a religious garb that many Muslim women wear that covers their hair, ears, and neck. Imperial Security apparently had a dress code in place and were not willing to veer from it.