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Top 4 Considerations in Negotiating a Job Offer

As the Pennsylvania unemployment rate slowly gets better, you may find yourself in a position where you have several job offers. But before you say "I accept," you may want to make sure the job is right for you by negotiating the job offer.

Some things you may want to negotiate include your salary, title, benefits, vacation pay, and severance. Even if you don't get all the things you request, agreeing on the terms of the job offer beforehand will help avoid confusion and frustration later on.

Below are tips and questions to consider for negotiation the job offer.

  1. What is my Role and Responsibility? It is a good idea to agree on your title, role, and primary job responsibilities. For example, you'll want to be sure your title accurately reflects the nature of the work you would be doing. In addition, you should evaluate whether your job duties match your skills, interests, and capabilities.

  2. What is my Salary and Benefits? This may be the most important aspect of your job. You'll want to know your base salary, as well as holidays, vacations, and overtime. In addition, determine whether bonus pay is included and how it is calculated and paid.

  3. What Career Advancement Opportunities Will I Have? You may wish to ask whether the company offers any career advancement opportunities, such as mentoring, educational, or other training programs. You may also want to know under what circumstances you can lose your job and if you are an at-will or for-cause employee.

  4. What Should Happen if I am Let Go? It would be wise to negotiate what would happen in the event you are terminated or leave the company. Ask the company about its severance policy and consider negotiating a severance package that works for both you and the employer.

These are just four considerations for negotiating job offer. Everyone's situation may be different, and depending upon your offer and type of job, you may also want to negotiate location, work hours, relocation expense, and fringe benefits.

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