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Whistleblower Protections for Employees?

At almost every workplace, an employee will be able to spot some violation of the numerous employment laws that employers are subject to. Whether an employee is amused or angered by the violation depends upon things like the severity of the violation and how the violation affects the employee’s day-to-day life.

Regardless of the size and extent of the violation, employees should take heart that they enjoy whistleblower protections.

Mavis Discount Tire Hires 1 Woman Out of 800 Hires

Some jobs are stereotyped as being men’s jobs, like garbage collector, lumberjack, and auto mechanic. Other jobs are stereotyped as being women’s jobs like teachers, nurses, and secretaries. As we all know, these stereotypes are not true as women can be good lumberjacks and men can be good teachers.

As we also know, despite these stereotypes being untrue, many employers still follow the rule and refuse to hire applicants of a certain sex to certain jobs.

Mavis Discount Tire is allegedly one such employer. In the Mavis Discount Tire lawsuit, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charges the tire and automotive parts store with discriminating against women in not hiring them to a variety of positions in some 110 facilities throughout the Northeast.

ESPN Fires Editor Responsible for Offensive Jeremy Lin Headline

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard all the different plays on Jeremy Lin's name from "Linsanity" to "Lin for the Win." But ESPN took things too far when it made a Jeremy Lin headline that focused on his weaknesses (turnovers), following the team's first loss with Lin at the helm.

The ESPN Jeremy Lin headline -- "Chink in the Armor" -- was definitely relevant as Lin led the team in turning the ball over which contributed to the team losing. However, "chink" is also a common slur against people of Chinese descent and other Asians and many people were offended by the headline.

Desean Jackson Franchise Tag, What Does it Mean?

The Philadelphia Eagles look like they are set to slap the “franchise” tag on dynamic playmaker Desean Jackson. As most casual football fans know, the Desean Jackson franchise tag will mean that the wide receiver and return specialist will be under terms for at least another year.

However, the franchise tag does not necessarily mean that Jackson will be playing in an Eagles uniform next year, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

School Teacher Assault at Leeds Middle School in Philadelphia

When you think of dangerous jobs, most people think of ice road truckers or deep sea fisherman. School teaching is considered a difficult profession, but most people do not associate it with being a dangerous profession. But that may soon change.

On Monday morning, to start the school week, a school teacher assault was reported in Philadelphia at Leeds Middle School. A veteran science teacher was assaulted and injured by an eighth grade student in his classroom, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

More than Horseplay? Parx Jockey Accused of Harassment

Eriluis Vaz has never been known to get along with other horse jockeys. A couple of years ago, Vaz made headlines for trading punches with another jockey in the middle of a race. This time, Vaz faces legal troubles for allegedly sexually harassing a female jockey at the Parx locker rooms.

Kristina McManigell, 23, says that the 28-year-old Vaz made sexual advances towards her while she was undressing and taking a shower, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Roland Martin to be Fired Over Tweets?

Be careful what you say. Especially if you’re saying it on Twitter, Facebook, or some other social media outlet where anyone in the world can see it. Even if you don’t say it during work hours, on work computers, or in your capacity as an employee, you could be disciplined and even terminated for things you put out there on the Internet.

In the Roland Martin Twitter controversy, the CNN commentator was accused of making homophobic remarks on Twitter following David Beckham’s H&M Super Bowl ad where the soccer star was seen in his underwear. Martin said, “If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him!” reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Top 4 Discriminatory Hiring Practices

You should know that discrimination often starts before you even begin the job. Many employers engage in discriminatory hiring practices that select candidates based on protected characteristics like race or sex. As with other types of workplace discrimination, discriminatory hiring practices are illegal.

The following are the top four ways you can be discriminated against before beginning work.

Arlene Ackerman Unemployment Benefits Denied

The Arlene Ackerman unemployment benefits saga finally ends with a resounding “no.” The former superintendent of the Philadelphia School District had applied for $573 in weekly unemployment benefits.

While those who lose their jobs can normally apply for unemployment benefits, the fact that Ackerman applied for the benefits was appalling to many as she had just been paid nearly $1 million to leave the district, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.