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Starting a Family? See If You Can Get Time Off Under the FMLA

Have you finally decided to make the plunge into having a family? Now that you've given in to the idea that your life will forever change at home, do you know what it has in store for your work life?

There are state and federal laws that provide you with some time, but you need to know if you qualify for them before asking for the time off. That's where FindLaw's handy mini-guide comes into play. Read on to find out about what the guide provides and how it helps you get some time off for your new baby.

FindLaw's mini-guide covers the federal law called the Family and Medical Leave Act or FMLA. This law allows not only for leave from work for new children, be they born, adopted, or fostered, but also leave for your or your immediate family's severe medical issues.

The FMLA provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a 12 month period with the guarantee that you have the same or equal job when you return from the leave. However, you must qualify for the leave with your employer first.

To qualify under the FMLA, you must work for the same employer that has at least 50 employees, for at least 12 months. These months do not need to be consecutive, but you must have worked at least 1,250 hours before the first day of your leave.

If you do not qualify under the FMLA, you should also check your employer's specfic policies on family or medical leave. The FMLA, and most laws in general, are only a baseline that employers must follow. Employers are free to offer more leave, or paid leave, as an incentive to work at their place of business.

Good luck with your new family or medical condition. Be sure to look to FindLaw's Answers page if you need more information.

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