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Is Your Non-Compete Clause Enforceable?

Non-compete clauses (NCCs) can be an excellent method for protecting a business' financial interests when hiring an employee with access to valuable information. The protection they offer a company does no good, however, when they're struck down as unenforceable by a court.

How do you know if your NCC is enforceable? FindLaw's page on NCCs provides a helpful overview. But there are some more tips that Philadelphia-area employers will want to keep in mind.

How to Conduct an Employee Investigation

Employers oftentimes receive complaints of harassment and discrimination by their employees. However, many employers do not know how to properly investigate these claims leading to potential liability for the employer itself.

Discrimination and harassment complaints are a huge headache for employers. Nobody likes an employment lawsuit, and nobody likes dealing with allegations of discrimination. However, failure to look into the matter more has notoriously led to multi-million dollar liability for many companies.

So when an employee complains about discrimination, you'd better take that complaint seriously. In addition, you will need to know how to conduct an employee investigation and how to take action to stop the alleged discriminatory activity.