Philadelphia Employment Law News

Pennsylvania Labor Agencies

Pennsylvania provides a variety of online services for workers. Services include job placement, unemployment insurance and training programs, which may be found below:

The PA Department of Public Welfare (DWP) provides employment information, benefits, and job opportunities including:

  • Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities - MAWD lets Pennsylvanians with disabilities take a fulfilling job, earn more money and still keep their full medical coverage. With MAWD you can keep Medical Assistance while you work, even if your earnings increase above the limits for other Medical Assistance programs.
  • State Civil Service Commission - The State Civil Service Commission oversees Civil Service employment. The majority of the positions within DPW are covered by the Civil Service, which requires job candidates to participate in competitive examinations in order to qualify for employment.
  • Bureau of State Employment - Non-Civil Service employment is managed by the Governor's Office of Administration, Bureau of State Employment. Job seekers looking for non-civil service jobs in Pennsylvania can apply online at
  • Employee Benefits - The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides a full range of benefits for regular salaried (or full-time) employees and on a prorated basis for qualified part-time employees. The benefit entitlements include single or family health insurance, life insurance, voluntary benefits, workers' compensation, unemployment compensation, and an outstanding retirement plan.

The PA state agencies directory provides additional resources and links to specific PA agencies, authorities, boards, commissions, councils, departments, and offices. 

COMPASS - COMPASS is an online application for Pennsylvanians to apply for many health and human service programs. If you want to find out if you qualify for Pennsylvania health and human services and want to apply for new benefits, here is where you can do so.