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Employment law can cover a wide variety of issues, ranging from starting a business to workplace bullying. This section will cover the many other employment law issues that may arise. However, if you would like more information on a specific topic or you have a legal issue that is not covered here, you should consider seeking the counsel of a Philadelphia Employment attorney. A list of employment attorneys in the Philadelphia area is available in FindLaw’s directory.

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5 Ways to Fund Your Small Business Without Banks

Since the financial crash of 2008, obtaining a small business loan from a bank can be difficult. So how can you find your small business without banks?

Banks want to see a financial track record for your business that proves that you'll be able to repay the money they're lending, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

So if funding your business through a bank is out of the question, here are five alternative options:

Should Your Business Have a 'No Fraternization' Policy?

With love in the air this week, businesses might be considering a "no fraternization" policy for the workplace.

The Carl Greene case a few years back may ring a bell for Philadelphia business owners. Greene was found to be a "serial sexual harasser" who allegedly quickly promoted a woman and later demoted her after he found out she was dating another employee.

To avoid workplace romance issues like Greene's, it might be best to have a "no fraternization" policy in place.

Can Smokers Be Denied Job Offers?

A few hospitals in Pennsylvania began testing employment candidates for nicotine and could deny smokers from getting the job.

Treating nicotine like drugs and alcohol could mean that potential employees could lose their job offers if they test positive for nicotine, according to Philadelphia Magazine.

Although some people may think denying smokers the job is extreme, this isn't the first time that smoking has interfered with employment.

When Can You Be Drug Tested at Work in Pa.?

When can you be drug tested at work in Pennsylvania? The answer may not be as obvious as you think.

Chances are, as an employee or an employer, you'll run into a situation that calls for drug testing in the workplace. So, with that in mind, here's a rundown of what drug testing looks like in Pennsylvania:

Is Your Non-Compete Clause Enforceable?

Non-compete clauses (NCCs) can be an excellent method for protecting a business' financial interests when hiring an employee with access to valuable information. The protection they offer a company does no good, however, when they're struck down as unenforceable by a court.

How do you know if your NCC is enforceable? FindLaw's page on NCCs provides a helpful overview. But there are some more tips that Philadelphia-area employers will want to keep in mind.

How At-Will Employment Works in Pennsylvania

Most workers in Pennsylvania are considered at-will employees.

This basically means that you have no legal right to keep your job. So unless you have an employment contract that guarantees your job for a specified period of time, you can be fired for any valid reason.

And employers generally have no obligation to give you any advance notice. So they could, in fact, tell you to pack your bags today.

Why the Comcast Supreme Court Case Matters in Employment Law

Did you know that Comcast's recent Philadelphia lawsuit before the U.S. Supreme Court has legal roots in employment law?

Well, that might be a slight overstatement on the relationship between employment law and the current class action lawsuit Comcast's case. However, much of the law used in Comcast's case comes from an employment discrimination case that was heard before the Supreme Court last year.

But wait, the Comcast case has nothing to do with employment law. It's a case involving Coast's business practices and its monopoly in the cable market in Philadelphia, right?

Employment Issues and the 2012 Election

With Election Day fast approaching, let's address a few last-minute employment issues leading up to the election.

The final jobs report before Election Day is in, and it's showing that the unemployment rate is at 7.9 percent.

GOP challenger Mitt Romney pounced on that figure, stating that it was lower than what then-candidate Barack Obama promised when he ran for election back in 2008.

But as President Obama's team points out, he took office in one of the worst periods of unemployment and since then, the nation has seen 25 consecutive months of job growth.

Ex-Priest Accused of Molestation Now a Philly TSA Screener

Does a child molestation accusation suffice to remove a person from his current job?

The Transportation Security Administration says "no." This is in response to its hiring of a former priest who had been defrocked after allegedly molesting two girls, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The TSA didn't complete a background check before hiring ex-priest Thomas Harkins and allowing him to conduct pat-downs as a security officer at Philadelphia International Airport, the Inquirer reports.

Limerick Nuclear Plant Operator Fails Drug Test, Loses License

It's possible that random drug tests at work are more palatable now that professional athletes are consistently tested. Maybe you feel a little better about being checked after finding out that Lance Armstrong has been hounded for years and years after his multiple tour wins.

Like Armstrong, who was formally charged after all those years, an operator in the reactor control room of the nuclear plant in Limerick, Roger Devlin, was found to be under the influence of alcohol after a random drug test in July, according to the local Journal Record News Service. The test, given by Exelon Nuclear, was followed by a review of Devlin's activities during the day, which found no errors. Still, he was promptly removed from his duties, and a request was sent to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for his operator's license to be revoked.

So can your boss make you take an on-the-job drug test as well?